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Inner Fire Yoga Marketing

This flyer, punch card, and business proposal were created for my Management Human Resources class that focused on arts and cultural organizations. The task was to help a struggling Madison based company problem solve an issue — in this case, InnerFire had a lack of yoga-goers during specific hours due to students being in class or away on break.

My group decided to implement a yoga program specific for UW-Staff.

Punch Card-1.jpg

Visual Advertisement Campaign

For my communications and human behavior course, we were tasked with creating a visual ad campaign to be displayed on social media. I chose to focus on the The Loggerhead Marine Life Center, a non-profit in Juno Beach, Florida. The organization advocates for the protection of sea turtles and their habitats, informs locals of how to protect sea turtles, and raises awareness through daily tours. The mission of the campaign was to stop people from using plastic and hurting the marine life further

Digital Photography

In an introductory digital media production course, I was assigned to take photographs that represented my assigned subject's personality and interests. All of the photographs were shot at different locations around the Madison area on a GH2 camera using different exposure, aperture and shutter speed.

Instagram Content Curation

For my digital media, literature, and culture class, we were directed to create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account focusing on a specific topic. I chose to focus on feminism, creating the account @flourishingfeminist. I optimized posts through specific hashtags, wrote compelling captions, and enhanced my graphic design skills in Adobe Photoshop and Canva. Additionally, I advanced likes and views by tagging feminist influencers and content creators in stories and posts, resulting in five direct messages and one comment from accounts with over 10,000 followers.

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