This summer, I took it upon myself to research Black people and events who have shaped our history.

I came to recognize that my own understanding was extremely white-washed and decided to reclaim my education on Black history topics. In order to keep my research organized, I started researching alphabetically. The goal of my project was to educate myself as well as others. If you wish to download this file in PDF form, click here.

While at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I’ve made great friends, gotten a fantastic education, and enjoyed being active on campus. I love my school, however UW-Madison still has a long way to go in dealing with the systemic racism institutionalized on campus. I compiled information on the diversity makeup and history of the university to educate and inform in the hopes that the university will progress and become more inclusive. The post can be seen @creationsbyperi on Instagram.

With an uprising throughout the nation for justice, dignity, and equality, I decided to add to the collection of art and resources being posted on social media. While the fire within so many that reignited the Black Lives Matter Movement started with George Floyd, there are countless other unarmed black individuals who have been brutality killed. These names we so often forget as time passes, but it is time to say their names. The purpose of my graphics is to remember and reflect.

In light of COVID-19, Am Shalom set out to ensure that all of their congregation members knew that even during a pandemic, Am Shalom was there for them. I created graphics to represent community and connectedness in a time of crisis.