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Redesigned the Women Artists Forward Fund website, reconstructing the layout, creating a more cohesive color scheme, and making the website more user friendly.


Led the recreation and improvement of the old Am Shalom website onto a new platform by updating all staff information, uploading new images, and ensuring all pages had proper links.


Redesigned the entire UW Hillel website to ensure a user friendly design and easier access for target audiences to find information. Content was completely rewritten and the layout and colors were enhanced to match the brand. The overall mission was to make the website clean, concise, and less cluttered.


Completely redid HumanCentric's Amazon store website to include new product launches by focusing more on office products than technology through an enhanced layout design.

Restructured website design by creating a layout, updating content, and making a cohesive color aesthetic. The overall goal was to make the new website more user friendly and accessible.

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